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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 25, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tune in each night at 8:00 p.m. to the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. have a great night. sean hannity is next. >> sean: tammy, great job. you will be here tomorrow night at 9:00. >> tammy: yes, thank you. >> sometimes i get called in and i hate it. >> tammy: that would be great, too. thank you, dear.m >> sean: we are see you here 9:00 tomorrow. 24 hours from now. welcome to "hannity."rvum in just a few moments, we will have exclusiveew interview with president trump. this will be his first television interview since the mueller report was released. we will talk about the media's collusion delusion, the radical democrat subpoena stunt and impeachment fantasies, the crisis at our southern border. north korea and the next steps exposing corruption inside the highest levels ofof our government. just breaking tonight, both catherine herridge of fox news and sara carter, investigative reporter are reporting tonightat there are new fbi texts between peter strzok and lisa page that
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actually show they suggested using a post-election briefing to gather information on team trump. a lot more coming up in a second. developments on this all throughout the show. first tonight, the democrats'ts crazy train has yet another passenger because there he is, crazy uncle joe biden, after delaying his launch and delaying it again, he has finally now jumped into the 2020 race. 2 he is now the 20th democrat i running for president. that's a record. now, what's going to happen next is going to be pretty remarkable, as joe bidenre tries to court the new ultra radical extreme socialist left democratic party and convince them, well, he's their guy. but even the bigger story is overseas. and that's surrounding joe biden's shady involvement with ukraine, breaking tonight also. you remember, john solomon explained on this program,on while joe biden was vice president, his son, hunter, took a lucrative job at a
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major ukrainian energy company and by the way, is also peter schweizer on the china deal, but when the company became the subject of a corruption probe in the country, biden used his influence and your money to literally get the lead prosecutor fired. break the about it. we will play the tape as solomon reports the prosecutor was actually investigating biden's son. and biden used the threat of pulling u.s. state aid dollars, your tax dollars, ifte they didn't fire the prosecutor. this is a huge developing story. let's take a look and remindnd you of what he had said. >> we're not going to give you the billion dollars. they said you have no authority. you are not the president. the president said -- i said call him. [laughter] i tell you, are not getting a billion dollars. i said you are not getting a billion. i will be leaving here and i think it was what, 6 hours. leaving in six hours. the prosecutor is not fired, you are not getting the money. well son of [bleep] got fired. >> sean: six hours. american money. same guy?
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really? okay. investigating your son?? now we have been reporting on ukraine, attempting and admitting they tried to influence the 2016 election. they are offering this country the evidence on behalf of hillary. the question now is, where are all the people so worried about collusion? tonight, the story surrounding ukraine gets even murkier because john solomon, breaking news right now, new bombshell piece that details how the obama white house worked with ukraine to give the russian collusionon narrative an early boost. joining us now to explain is "the hill"'s john solomon. john, this is huge. >> yeah, it is. it's the first instance obama white house very early as donald trump is rising early getting involved. what happened was, the obama white house, the national security council, invitedit all ukraine authorities, the prosecutors, anticorruption investigators, held a meeting in january 2016, just before the beginning of the primaries and said, listen,
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we would like to find some new way to reinvigorate an old case, a case called thee party of reasons case. the case where there was money being paid to lobbyists like paul manafort and greg craig. they asked, could you help us get restarted. set in motion this mad scramble in ukraine. ultimately results in the discovery of a ledger, which gets leaked with only paul manafort and left greg craig out and that starts the whole russian collusion case.ol what you have is the beginning of the russian collusion narrative starting in the obama white house. >> sean: all right. john, i thought we were going back to -- let me ask you this. we showed the first tape of joe biden. how certain are we that they have evidence of this prosecutor that he was telling on tape, bragging about having gotten fired using american money, how certain are we that that prosecutor was investigating his son at the time? >> oh, it's irrefutable.
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i have in my possession documents from the ukraine's general prosecutor's office that states one of the questions and one of the people they wanted to interview wass hunter biden specifically about $3 million. now, that's the figure the ukrainians came up with separately. the fbi came up with their own bank transactions in new york going into a company controlled by hunter biden, the same amount of money $3 million out of ukraineam from that energy company into the united states. the fbi and ukraine have the same evidence. the question is, what was that money for and was it in any way improper? that's what needs to be investigated and ukrainian authorities would like to provide that evidence as joe biden now begins running for the president. >> sean: pretty amazing. john solomon, thank you for that report. we will ask the president for his reaction in a few minutes.jojo now, beyond biden's shady international dealings, he faces an uphill climb and already doing everything he can do to try and cozy up to the far left of his party. look at his rollout video. >> i believe history will
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look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time. but if we give donald trump eight years in the white house, he will forever and fundamentally alter the c character of this nation, who we are, and i can not stand by and watch that happen.>> >> sean: who we are? record low unemployment fort african-americans, hispanic americans, asian americans, women in the workplace and, oh, and youth unemployment. we have literally wage h growth, stagnant for 10 years, really? now it's back better stronger than ever. that's hateful?er that's bad for america? i don't think the american people think so. despite biden's attempts to appease this far leftt radical socialist base of the democratic party, well, they are already sounding the alarm against him. now in a new tweet from the group justice democrats, the same group behind the rise of congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, who i call speaker nancy pelosi only in
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name only. i well, the group wrote, "biden is out of touch with the centered of energy in the democratic party today." and don't forget congressman ocasio-cortez already went firmly on the record. she does not want biden to be the nominee. and we will remind you. >> this idea that we can go back to the good old days with obama, with obama's vice president, i think, you know, there is an emotional element to that. but i don't want to go back. i want to go forward. >> look at this article from the liberal website slate comparing biden to jeb bush, calling him a weak establishment candidate. the headline in the a.p. reads, "some women of q color frustrated by biden's presidential bid raising even more questions about his campaign's appeal based on past statements on integration and busing" and, i get this, it looks like biden may not even have the backing of his old boss, barack obama. and the best part is how uncle joe is trying to spin this, well, uncomfortable truth. take a look.
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>> why didn't president obama endorse you? >> i asked president obama not to endorse and he doesn't want to -- we should -- whoever wins thise nomination should win it on their own merits. >> sean: great question, peter. does anyone actually believe that? does anyone actually believe that barack obama was all set to endorse him and then joe stopped him? well, let not your heart be troubled, joe, because the big, coveted endorsement is already rolling in like from conspiracy tv darling disgraced attorney michael avenatti tweeted this about biden, "he offers dems the very best chance in 2020 especially in key states. he has the fight, intelligence, fortitude to beat trump and begin to make america america again. he has my enthusiastic support." oh, and biden bragging saying all these foreign leaders are begging me to save the country and the world. really? getting a little messiah complex? anyway, remember, biden enters the race already trying to fend off scandal
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after scandal. multiple women have accused him of inappropriate touching, kissing, touching, actual video footage of biden's disturbing touching antics. doesn't this alone immediately disqualify in the eyes of the democraticic party? if biden was a republican, what would they be saying? the double standard is on full display. now our friends over at campus reform decided to ask college students what theysk w think of his behavior. this is interesting. let's take a look. >> what's your reaction when you see these videos? >> creepy. >> eww. >> strange side, they have a lot of different clips, which obviously doesn't look very good for joe biden. >> definitely creepy. various ages of women, too. it's not just young women and a little bit older women. so it's just very wrong and that should not be a thing.. >> yeah. i think it's a classic example of men not responding to being around
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women properly. >> sean: there is a report tonight in the "new york times" that he called anita hill. she was not particularly impressed that he understands his position back during the clarence thomas hearing. trouble there. now, despite all these early troubles, president trump did offer a warm welcome to former vice president biden tweeting, "welcome to the race, sleepy joe. it will be nasty. you will be ceiling with people who have sick and demented ideas. but if you make it, i will see you at the starting gate. i wonder if the media will ask crazy uncle joe about some of these finer moments he has had over the years. take a look. >> you cannot go to a 7/11 or a dunkin' donut unless you have a slight indian accent. i'm not joking. >> what kind of a chance would a northeastern liberal like joe biden stand in the b south? >> better than anybody else. you don't know my state. my state was a slave state.
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my state is a border state. my state has the eighth largest black population in the country. >> got the first sort of mainstream african-american who is articulate and bright and clean and nice-looking guy. i mean, that's a story book.i >> romney wants to let -- he said in the first 100 days, he is going to let the big banks once again write their t own rules. unchain wall street. they are going to put y'all back in chains. >> sean: of course now anita hill is not a fan and touching in his gaffes and his creepy behavior maybe in the spotlight but he has even bigger scandal brewing. remember, biden has to run on obama's economic failures. that was biden-obama. their foreign policy blunders like the ridiculous iran deal. and you can expect another apology tour for america. who would ever drop $150 billion in cash and
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other currency on the tarmac of radical islamic mullahs who chant "death to america" and threaten to annihilate america and israel? why would anybody ever do that? you want to go back to that? and even bigger than that are the questions surrounding obama's white house's role in the biggest abuse of power, corruption scandal in our nation's history. remember the 2016 russian meddling, that all happened on biden and obama's watch. thatdi means, yeah, they are responsible. the dirty dossier, the rigged investigation into hillary, the fisa abuse. the use of an informant to spy on the trump campaign. yeah, it's all creeping closer and closer to the obama white house. how high up did it go? how did this all start? what did they know? when did they know it? hillary clinton continues toto fuel her collusion fantasy saying she was the victim of "a russian plot." wow. like we have been telling you, an avalanche of truth is
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coming cascading down. it will expose the deep state. those that abuse power. and this attempt to unseat a duly elected president. we have more later in the program. and the president will join us. h don't forget the other big thing that biden has to run on, that is their failed economic record. let us remind you, i said it a lot in 2016, probably every night because no one else inlm the media would report it. we have 13 million more americans on food stamps. 8 million more in poverty. the lowest labor participation rate since the 1970s. we had the worst recovery in the 8 years of biden-obama since the 1940s. the lowest home ownership rate in 51 years. the only president in the history of the country nevery to reach 3% g.d.p. in 8 solid years. oh, and on top of that, obama-biden they took on more debt than all 43ob presidents before them combined. that's not a record i think i would want to run on. all right. before we get to the president, calling in momentarily, let's first get reaction, dan
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bongino, geraldo rivera, i look at the deep state issue, all of this happened on their watch, geraldo and that atrocious economic record, that iranian deal. you can look at the president's foreign policy. you've got israel. you've got the embassy. you have got the golanot heights. you've got kim jong un. no rockets fired in a long time. we did get the remains back. and, of course, the iranian deal is dead. economically, all of the records that have been set in two-plus >> i think that, first of all, sean, we anticipate the president and what he has to say in his first big interview, you know, since the collusion illusion has been dissipated. but i think if -- were i president trump right now, there is two things i would do. number one is, i would fight every request from every democratic committee for any i would fight them tooth and nail.oo
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and people say, well, how could you not concede to congress -- i should defer to president trump. >> sean: geraldo, you are second though. you and dan. joining us now from the white house i assume the white house is the president of the united states. mr. president, thank you for taking the time.. we really appreciate you joining us. >> president trump: high, sean, thank you. >> sean: all right. a lot of breaking news tonight. you haven't really talked at length in an interview about a lot of issues. let me start with this issue of the ukraine. i don't know if you were following the top of the show or john solomon's new report or that both catherine herridge and sara carter are reporting tonight we now have text messages from peter strzok and lisa page, never before seen. discussing recruiting white house sources to spy on you. take it in any order you would like. >> president trump: well, i think it's incredible when you hear it. these are great reporters,
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all three. and when you have them on your trail, that's a problem. these are people that should be getting pulitzers, not the ones that got the pulitzers that got everything wrong. if you listen to them, they got everything wrong. go back and read some of their early and mid they didn't have a clue what was going on and they win pulitzer prizes.e these are the ones that should be winning. it sounds like big stuff and o sounds very interesting with ukraine. i just spoke to the newds president a little while ago, two days ago, and congratulated him on an incredible race. incredible run. a big surprise victory. got 75% of the that sounds like big, big stuff. i'm not surprised. >> sean: mr. president, ukraine is offering this evidence to the united states. would you like the united states, with all this talk about collusion, they are saying they colluded on behalf of hillary clinton's campaign in 2016. does america need to see that information in light of all of the attacks against you on collusion?
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>> president trump: well, i think we do. and, frankly, we have a great new attorney general who has done an unbelievable job in a very short period of time. he is very smart and tough and i would certainly defer to him. i would imagine he would want to see this. people have been saying this whole concept of ukraine, they have been talking aboutut it actually for a long time. you know that, and i would certainly defer to the attorney general.ce and we'll see what he says about it. he calls them straight. that's one thing i can tell you. >> sean: mr. president, our own catherine herridge, carter, big breakingst news tonight. senate republican chairman submitted a letter thursday to the department of justice, the attorney general. we have new texts fromom november of 2016 from strzok and page showing the pair had discussed attempts to recruit sources from within your white house to spy on your administration and reveal that they have one particular contact within
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the white house. the vice president's chief of staff, whose wife was working as an analyst for strzok on the fbi's investigation into hillary's private server. have you heard this report tonight, sir? >> president trump: i just heard it a little while ago and frankly, it's very disconcertin disconcerting. if you look at what's been happening, they were the same two, the two lovers that decided to use the fbi server instead of their private so they didn't get caught. these two were beauties. there is no doubt about it. they were going hog wild to find something about the administration, which obviously wasn't there. we have nothing to do with russia, except that we haveer been tougher on russia than any administration in 50 years. a lot tougher than obama. but these were the two that talked about the insurance policy just in case hillary tloses. if she loses, we have got an insurance policy. well, that was the insurance policy.. now she lost and now they
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are trying to infiltrate the administration to -- really, it's a coup. it's spying. it's hard to believe this is happening in in our country. i don't know if you rememberte a long time ago, very early on, i used the word "wiretap" i and i put it in quotes, meaning surveillance, spying, you can sort of say whatever if you want. that was a long time ago, and i have never seen anything like it a blow upug like you have never now i understand why. because they thought two years ago when i said that just on a little bit of a hunch and a little bit ofh wisdom, maybe, they -- it blew up. because they thought maybe i was wise to them or they were and that's why. because if they weren't doing anything wrong, it would have just gotten by. nobody would have cared about it. it was pretty insignificant, i thought, when i said it, and that's pretty amazing. so you see now they are trying to infiltrate the white house.he
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this is long after the election. it's a disgrace. and, again, hopefully the attorney general will do what's right and i really believe he will. >> sean: mr. president, the attorney general actually used the word "spying" on your campaign. we know of stephon halper and his contacts that he made with papadopoulos and carter page and sam clovis. we know about the fisa warrant, as the grassley-graham memo said, the bulk of the information in the application was the clinton bought and paid for russian, of all things, dossier, ignored by the mueller report, which i willss ask you about in a second here. but those are two specific incidents of attempts to get into your campaign. your reaction to all of that? >> president trump: well, i think they made many attempts. and then you see the lying and you see the leaking and you see comey lied congress. nothing happened. you see him leaking. nothing happens. and this is leaking classified information.
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this is leaking really big stuff. i remember the young sailor. in fact, i helped him out with his family because he was so unfairly treated, as you know. i remember he had a confidential information which is a much, much lower standard than classified. and they put him in jail for a long time. they took away his life. and then you look at what hillary clinton did with 33,000 emails and hundreds of thousands of text messages or emails going through the weiner server or computer. hundreds of thousands of which many were classified. and nothing happens to her. w and yet, they put a young sailor on for doing something innocent, showing his mother and his friend what the desk looked like. the desk in a 40-year-old i think russia and china would have had that picture many years ago. so it's really a double standard like you've never seen, very, very unfair. but hopefully that will change. i think that will be changing. >> sean: mr. president,
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closed door testimonyy recently revealed strzok and page, that they were laughing at the idea that the hillary investigation was a real investigation. and that it went directly into loretta lynch's office, which now raises a whole new set of other questions. and they were confident about that. and it was strzok that did the interview with hillary. uncharacteristically, frankly unprecedented. allowed two other people in that interview while she was being interviewed in an investigation. comey, of course, exonerated her but he even acknowledged top secret classified information on that server. i did disagree with you at the time. you, after the election, were basically saying let bygones be bygones, let's not go down this road. do you regret saying that and do you think now if we are really to get to the bottom and the truth, it has to also include hillary clinton, the email server, which would be an underlying crime and obstruction, whichch everyone in the media seems to care about.
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the intent behind the 33,000 subpoenaed emails deleted. bleach bit, hammers, sim cards. >> president trump: no, i don't regret saying it. when i won, they were allng saying lock her up. lock her up.p. i said no, no. let's get on with life. that was it was, like, right after the l election, you want to get a new page and turn over a new leaf. and i said, let's get on with it, let's, you know, build up the economy, which, by the way is doing record business. i'm so proud of the economy. e we are doing numbers that nobody has ever believed. probably the best economy we have ever had. best unemployment numbers we have ever it's been incredible. but i said, let's get on with our life. let's forget about the past. but now, what happened is, fairly shortly after that great evening, they started coming at us with the insurance policy. and everything they did was so dishonest. and then we really started looking into a lot of things like her deleted emails and acid washed emails, which is unheard of because of the
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expense of doing and how she got away with it, how her lawyer got away with how all of these things happened. don't forget, when they interviewed her, that was on july 4th weekend. it was very, very late into the july 4th weekend. they asked her questions. they didn't have a stenographer. they didn't have anybody swear her in. they didn't have a tape recorder. they just walked in, asked her some questions. and that was fine. and in the meantime, look at what she has done. a how she has destroyed the lives of people that were on our campaign. she has destroyed their lives and the dnc. and frankly, when the fbi went into the dnc, the dnc told them to get the hell out of here. think of that. they told that to the fbi and they wouldn't give them the server. i want to find out what's on that server, the dnc server, because that's the big thing. nobody has seen that server yet.
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the fbi didn't see it. these are the top people at the fbi where you had absolutely dirty cops. these were dirty cops. now, the fbi guys, these are the best in the world. comey and mccabe andes strzok and page and all of these people, the lawyer who admitted, frankly, how crooked things were when that testimony comes out, it's come out partially, when that testimony comes out the attorney for the fbi, you will see. now we have to get down. this was a coup. this was an attempted overthrow of the united states government. we had people coming out to vote from all over this country that are in love with what we are doing. it's called make america great again. that's what we have done and we are doing. this was an overthrow and it's a disgraceful thing. i think it's far bigger than watergate. i think it's possibly the biggest scandal in political history in this country. maybe beyond political, so i think that a lot of things
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are being learned right now, just like you just mentioned just a few moments ago. again with strzok and page. these are sick people. these are sick, sick people. so let's see what happens with mccabe and comey and brennan and clapper. they were in the act. and let's see what happens and let's see how high it goes up. it's inconceivable when it goes to clapper, brennan, comey, these people. i would imagine that some other people maybe a little bit higher up also knew about it and maybe a lot higher up. >> sean: i mentioned now strzok and page independently in theirir conversations, peter strzok had said about the collusion, there is no there there. lisa page, closed door testimony, actually said after the nine month fbi investigation, they had noat evidence of anything with you and your campaign and russia. that's before the appointment of mueller. we also had the house intel committee report. that's two. r no collusion, then the senate bipartisan committee
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and now the mueller report as you said, any news? no obstruction. no collusion. >> president trump: that'sac right. >> w sean: what is your full reaction to the mueller report? w >> sean: well, it was, as i call them 13 angry democrats >> president trump: well, it was as i call them, 13 angry democrats. they were supplanted by five more, five more were added. and you got up to 18, 19,s 20. they are all democrats many of them made major contributions to the hillary clinton campaign and they had one of them was one of the top people at the clinton foundation.ou jeanne rhee. you had weissmann and bad, bad people. no friends of trump. i had no friends. it was like a one-sided witch-hunt as i called it. and bob mueller, i turned him down to run the fbi and the next day he was appointed to be the heart of this special counsel,
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as they call it, it's really a much tougher word than that, but i won't use it. and it was a terrible thing. he was conflicted for that reason. he also was conflicted because of the fact that comey and him are best friends. so, if not best, very close to best. but i would say best friends. you look at pictures of the two of them in the past. l we had a nasty business transaction, the two of us. i have a nasty transaction with him and then all of the sudden, he is my prosecutor. very, very unfair, and with all of that and $35 million spent.r think of that. over two years, ruining lives of people. ruining their lives. people going out of business because they couldn't afford lawyers. that's just unbelievable what happened, how bad it was. i can't even tell you how bad it was. nobody knows how people suffere suffered. great people that came to washington, they came to d.c. to set the world in a very positive
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way on fire. they wanted to clean things up and do a great job but all of a sudden, they are testifying on nonsense. and it's really a shame. you know, with all of the things you heard, nothing had to do with a campaign, nothing had to do with russia collusion. but the bottom line is, a group of very serious trump haters, a group of, i call them, angry democrats. somebody who was very conflicted at the top. no collusion and also no obstruction because the statement was made and the attorney general, you know, understood it very well and he read it and he made a decision right on the spot. no obstruction. so, you had no collusion, no obstruction. $35 million spent. and unlimited manpower. woman power. and there is nothing.r. nothing. and it was a veryd bad two years for this
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country but what hasas happened we found everything going in the opposite direction. and i think now it's turning unbelievable, the tables have turned, and you are seeing things come out like you just -- like you just noticed and it's -- i think it's goings to be very interesting. it's very important for the country to now find out how that whole thing started. and in all fairness to bob mueller, it started long before he was appointed. this was going on long before that. you understand. u the first lady and i came down on the escalator on june 16th. and this started very shortly after that. it was a disgrace. disgrace. >> sean: mr. president, we expect a lot more coming out in the days, weeks, and even months ahead. we know at least 53 more closed door -- the testimony closed door of many of these players that will be released. we know that the inspector general, he now will have his report. we expect some time in, perhaps, in may, likely in
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may, where he will -- he has been investigating the fisa abuse issue. and then, of course, we have huber on leaking and whatever his report ultimately ends up becoming. we know that there is a lot of information and then the issue, you have, the last time i talked to you about a month ago, you said you would declassify the fisa applications, you would declassify gang of 8 material. 302 material. if the grassley-graham-nunes memos are correct and the bulk of the information in the fisa applications were even as the "new york times" suggested this week, may have been misinformationor from the russians that hillary bought and paid for, that was disseminated to the media and the american people before that election, you know, what would that mean for you? >> president trump: firstpr of all, i was very impressed that
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"the new york times" did that because that was the first glimpse that may beat mainstream is going to pick up the biggest political scandal in our country. again, bigger than watergate. because it means so much this was a coup. this wasn't stealing information from an office in the watergate apartments. this was an attempted coup. it's unconceivable, like a third world country, and inconceivable. and i have to say i think information is coming out and it's come out fast. much faster than anybody would have thought. and there are a lot of people very nervous about things that are going on. and i will say that i.g., the inspector general horowitz, he, other than his conclusion, where he said no bias, but he meant that in a different way than you would think. he gave a great report last time. and i really hope that he is going to give -- i don't know him. he was appointed by obama. that bothers me a little bit but everything i can see, he's an
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honorable guy. i think he knows how big this is i think he knows how big this is and if he is as honorable as he is supposed to be, the ig report coming out in three or four weeks, from what i hear, is going to be and should be and almost has to be a blockbuster because he has access to information that most people don't. and that's what he did the last time, he was able to find things that a lot of people, great students of this whole thing, like devin nunes, who deserves a medal and meadows and jim jordan all these guys, the way they -- biggs. and, you know, every one of them, they worked so hard. they worked -- they couldn't stand what was happening to the country. they knew what was going on. w the biggest problem with the mueller report, he didn't mention any of this. he didn't mention strzok and page and mccabe and comey and the lies and the leaks andnd overthrow and the whole thing
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with the hillary clinton got to win 100 million to 1. two lovers, two sick lovers, especially the one.. i mean, these were like children and they are fbi people. they're top people in the fbi. i'm so embarrassed for the fbi when you look at it. but this was -- he didn't mention the insurance policy. it's a very, very sad thing. it can be cleared up incredibly well. but you know, you know and so i do that without -- if you didn't go any further, there are tremendous problems. i'm trying to be very nice and i want to be very tempered but there are tremendous problems on thehe other side. if you had no other information, other than what you have right now, tremendous problems on the other side. but why didn't they mention in the mueller report all of the horrible things that we found out about the other side, including the fake dossier, the fake dossier which even the "new york times" now says was fake, which, again, i respect that
10:35 pm
they came out and said it. this is too big a deal for mainstream media to give up. but the nice part is, as far t as trump is concerned and the trump administration, there is no collusion and there is no obstruction. now it's time to look at the other side. >> sean: mr. president, if, in fact, the "new york times" is right and the dossier was a disinformation campaign by russia, that would mean, as bruce ohr testified behind close doors, that he even told -- and by the way, i agree with you about the fbi, 99% are good people. this is only a few at the top, but if they used that dossier as the bulk of information -- and it's disinformation to use the "new york times" words from russia -- that hillary clinton, of the opposition party candidate, paid for, that they never fully informed the fisa judges of, and the grassley-graham memo, nunes
10:36 pm
memo, was right, that means that everybody signed off on those four fisa applications, that would be the first one, jim comey, that would be sally yates, and rod rosenstein, that means they never verified what they told that court. i would say that's a fraud on the fisa court. what do you say? >> president trump: well, from what i understand, they would all be in a very big pile of trouble. that's the way i look at it and that's the way i hear. they would be in a very bigg amount of trouble. c it would be a terrible thing if that's the case. you know, they have been denying that. and they started blaming all sorts of people, papadopoulos, who nobody knew and carter page, who i actually feel very sorry for. i never met him. they used him to try and spy on the campaign. you know, they went in and these two guys were put on councils having to do with various things.
10:37 pm
what difference does it make? they were put on to foreign relations councils and with a large number of other people. as soon as people saw their name -- even though i didn't meet carter page andnd papadopoulos, i actually sat at a table with him for about 15 minutes and that was it. i never spoke to him or anything.ha and they were -- you know, they have suffered a lot. i don't say that they were not foolish because, you know, the way it all happened was so crazy. but they were hit like very few people have ever been hit. that was really to get to me. that was to get to the campaign. they started using them in order to spy on our campaign. it would look like, i mean,, again, it will come out at some point, so i don't want to be the one to say, but to me it seems to be pretty obvious when you look at what happened with carter page and it's -- they were spying, the attorney general said it better thanr anybody the other day when he was asked, yes, i think they were spying on the trump campaign.
10:38 pm
you can't say it any better than that. and i think so, too. >> sean: mr. president, i have to ask you about the new green deal, biden, and the media. one last, last question.di will you declassify the fisa applications, gang of 8 material, those 302s or, you know, what we call on this program, the bucket of five? >> president trump: yes. everything is going to be declassified and more, much more than what you just mentioned. it will all be declassified. i'm glad i waited because i thought that maybe they would obstruct if i did it early and i think i was right. so i'm glad i waited. now the attorney general can take a very strong look at whatever it is. it will be declassified and more than what you just mentioned. us >> sean: mr. president, we are now in the election season and joe biden made his big announcement today.en i thought it was a very warm welcome you made for him on twitter, which i read at the beginning of the show here tonight. generally, your thoughts on him, his entry into the race.
10:39 pm
you have bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, robert francis o'rourke, y your reaction to the, well, now a record number of slate of 20 people that would like to take you on in 2020? >> well, i don't know who it is going to be.. maybe sanders or maybe biden. i think, you know, when you look at joe, i have known joe over the years.he he is not the brightest light bulb in the group, i don't think, but he has a name that they know. he is coming on with the little cute statements about me that he talked about the way the world is today. well, i will tell you theod way the world is today is we have a stronghe military. we have choice for our veterans. they have choice now instead of waiting in line all day long, all week long, all month long. they have choice. they can go out to a private doctor. we pay the bill and they don't have to die waiting in line.av we have the biggest tax cut in the history of our country. we have gotten rid of the individual mandate. we have had the biggest cut
10:40 pm
in regulations, which is one of the things creating all r these great jobs, because we have the best unemployment numbers that we've have ever had. today we have the most people working, literally today, just came out. we have the most people working than we have ever had in the history of our country. almost 160 million people are working, they have jobs. and it's incredible. you know, that's really where we are today. we've rebuilt the military. we have ordered jets, the likes of which no country has. we have fighter jets. the f-35. the f-18. we have jets the likes of which no country has at all. we are ordering great, great ships, boats, aircraft carriers, and they are all being built in the united states. that's jobs. it's all being built right here. best equipment in the world. best missiles in the world. we don't want to use them but if we have to, we are set. nobody has what we have. nobody has our military.
10:41 pm
nobody is even close. when i came, in we had a depleted military. we had an economy that was going down. you remember the numbers. they were terrible. and they were going down. we were going to be in negative numbers very soon and now we have numbers that are incredible. the economy is setting records. when foreign leaders come in to see me, sean, they always say, thank you, it's great to meet you, sir. congratulations on your economy. it's the greatest economy anywhere in the world, which it is. nobody is even close to us. that's because of the things we have been done. when biden makes the statement talking about the soul, i mean the soul, take a look at the obama, i heard somebody say before that there was such dissension and division. people forget there was tremendous division during out obama administration. tremendous division. we actually have great spirit right now. you know, just to finish that off, we are a country respected again. we are respected all over the world. they all respect us, even
10:42 pm
today i see where president putin in russia made the statement that it's great to be able to help us with kim jong un and north korea. we want to get rid of the nuclear weapons. we all have to get -- russia has to get rid of them and china has to get rid of them. by the way, china, president xi has been a big help. we are working on a great trade deal. he has been a great help at the border, and i'm talking about the border between north korea and china. you know, a lot of good things are happening. we are respected again throughout the world. that's a great thing. >> sean: well, in biden's case in particular, he is going to run on his economic record versus yours. his position on iran and israel and north korea versus yours. but, generally speaking, we have, not just congresswoman ocasio-cortez, about 100 house, senate members at least, and many of the democratic presidential candidates for 2020 have bought into the new green deal. everything is free. no oil, no gas.
10:43 pm
comrade de blasio has added no steel building or glass buildings. airplanes are gone, combustion engines are gone. how do you react if these are the policies you will be running against? >> president trump: it's interesting, because i just heard about this crazy deal in new york city where they want to build concrete buildings, little tiny windows. i built a lot of buildings, sean, i can tell you the bigger the window, the better i did with it. people want big windows and now they want to take them down to nothing. the whole thing is crazy. the new green new deal, okay, and it's got to be some kind of a joke. it's got to be -- they have to be kidding but, you know, i saw the senator from hawaii, who was so nasty to judge kavanaugh and that's another thing, we'll soon have within a period of
10:44 pm
about two months 145 brand new federal judges and two supreme court judges. but she was so nasty to now judge -- justice kavanaugh, so horrible. they asked her about it. the green new deal. they said, how about that? and she goes, well, i'm in hawaii and i understand they won't allow airplanes and she said it's hard for me but i will approve it anyway. even though there is no way. somebody said they will build a train to hawaii. no, it's a crazy thing. i can't believe they are really serious. but i hope i get a chance to run against it. i hope they don't decimate it. sometimes i almost wish i didn't say as much as i have said to you about it. because i want that to go through and i want to run against it. i don't think they are going to win anyway but they're sure as hell not going to win with that legislation. never going to happen anyway from a practical standpoint, obviously. but it is amazing to see the senators. senators that i have known for a long time. distinguished democrats and
10:45 pm
they are fawning behind her. she is talking about the deal. i don't know if they are kidding. i don't know if they are desperate for votes or i don't know if they are incompetent, but they are sitting behind her and they are acting like they actually agree with what she is saying about fuel and cows and all of the things. i mean, it's a ridiculous situation. so i just hope it keeps going. i hope nobody criticizes it too badly. i have already done too much tonight. maybe i would have talked them out of it, thatou would have been a very bad thing. >> sean: [laughs] okay. you don't want to do that. we had ande incident this week. i want to go to the issue of the border. obviously a defining issue for you. congress was unable to override your emergency declaration. the pentagon has identified, i believe the figure was $9 billion of unused money and you were going to apply that to the wall. then we had the incident this week where we had some people cross our border and literally,
10:46 pm
you know, took one of our guys' guns. you put out a tweet, "better not happen again." the wall, what's the latest on that situation, and what is -- i don't know if you heard about this contractor that said he can build a whole wall for a lot cheaper than anybody else and get it donene by 2020. are you aware of that? >> president trump: yes, we are dealing with them actually. it's fisher, comes from north dakota. recommended strongly by a great new senator, as you know, kevin cramer. and they are real. but they have been bidding and so far they haven't been meeting the bids. i thought they would. we are building many sections ou wall right now that's under construction right now. and i intend to have, by the end of next year, over 400 miles of wall. we've renovated a lot of wall already. a lot of the wall was --
10:47 pm
you know, i'm good at this stuff. that's what i do. we renovated a lot. we had wall that was falling down but structurally strong or can be strong. so we saved a lot of money. we renovated.. we fixed it and it's much quicker and, frankly, much less expensive. so we have renovated a lot and we built a lot. we built a lot of new wall in some cases. we have ripped old wall downal because it was in too bad of shape and we built brand new wall. we are building a lot of sections and actually over the next two, three weeks we are giving out a lot of different sections. they will be building it in different areas by different contractors a similar design and a really good design. less money. more beautiful and actually stronger.ut >> sean: "the washington times," let me go to the issue of media and -- i'm sorry "the washington post," "new york times" received pulitzer for their "coverage of the russian probe." you've seen the coverage over two plus years. russia, russia, russia. trump, trump, trump.ia
10:48 pm
collusion, collusion, the mueller report couldn'tlu be any more clear on the issue specifically. do you think the news media in this country and their coverage on this owes you an apology? >> president trump: well, they do owe me an apology. a big one. they owe you an apology and all of the people that you mentioned previously and some of the other people -- >> sean: i'm not holding my breath. >> president trump: we actually had a lot of support. i watch you and tucker and i watch laura and your great guys in the morning with steve and ainsley and brian. brian came a long way. i kid him but he came a long way. and so many other people. not only on fox, in all fairness. but you look at jesse has been so great. just so many people. but we had really a lot of support. including, as you would say, "the washington times" and some others.
10:49 pm
generally speaking, it's corrupt reporting. generally speaking, it was fake news. and a term that, you know, i'm very proud -- if somebody said, which is the best of the names, maybe fake news. [laughs] now they use it. they use it to describe something. they think they get out of it by use it. they are tricky people. they were fake, they were corrupt. if they could change, i would be the first one to say i respect the fact that youha have changed. if they don't change, they have lost all credibility. if you read the stories that they wrote about the russia witch-hunt and, by the way, guys like dan bongino and gregg jarrett and justice jeanine, how about judge jeanine, whose mother just died today, which is horrible. >> sean: our prayers are with her. >> president trump: i just spoke to her. she's a great woman. loved her mother more than anybody other than her beautiful children. but i mean, she loved her mother. she was a great daughter.
10:50 pm
she has gone through a hard time. but how about jeanine and i mean, it's been incredible. we have far more support than people understand. if we didn't, i wouldn't even be talking to you right now. it would be a total mess. we had enough to fight the deep state. we had enough to fight corrupt media, mainstream media, i mean, nbc, i think was worst, frankly. i think nbc is more corrupt than cnn if that's possible. i made them a lot of money with "the apprentice." can you believe it? i was on that thing 12 years with "the apprentice." they wanted to sign me three or four more years. they came up to my office, i said, i'm running for president. they've tried to talk me outut of it i figured at least they would give me for whatever reason they would give me great. i think they were more hostile, frankly, than cnn, which is hard to believe. but this fake, fake, horrible stuff, nobody can believe how dishonest they y have been. >> sean: mr. president, i have known you personally for well over two decades.
10:51 pm
and by the way, i don't think the fake news brand is going away, but on all the issues you ran on, conservative, originalist, constitutional justices, tax cuts, deregulation, israel. iran, foreign policy. the wall. we're now energy independent for the first time in i think 70, 75 years. we are now a net exporter of energy. the one thing republicans, you've gotten part of it done. that was the individual mandate. you want to take on healthcare and mitch mcconnell said not this year. >> president trump: he's going to be great. mitch is doing a very p good job. he has a passion for the courts, got a passion forwe judges. we have worked great on that. we will be really good with healthcare. we want to have -- we are going to do things that nobody has ever seen on healthcare. but we have to get back the house. and in order to do it, we have to take back the house. if we don't take back the t
10:52 pm
house, we have a problem. you are never going to have good healthcare. because obamacare is a disaster. too expensive, not working. we had it done. it was done and then john mccain, at the very last moment, late in the evening, went thumbs down, and everybody said, what was that? john mccain went thumbs down. he did the republican party a tremendous disservice and p did the nation a tremendous disservice. tremendous.nd and it's unfortunate but we had it done. and had we known -- he said he was voting for it all day long. had we known he was going to go against, i think we could have convinced one of the other two people that voted against it. might feel comfortable to vote for it. we knew we had john mccain, everybody, we were set. he went thumbs down at the very last moment. i thought it was a disgraceful thing to do and very, very bad for our country and bad for healthcare. but we're going to doo
10:53 pm
something that will be great. we have to get the house back.ha it will be much better than obamacare. and don't forget, they want to take 180 million private insurance plans away. people, 180 million people are going to be stripped of their great insurance that they have right now because we have made great insurance available to people. obamacare is actually -- it's very important. but it's actually a small part.. we have a very big case in court. i think eventually the democrats and republicans would come together. but we have a fantastic plan that we'll be rolling out and it's subject to us winning back the house, keeping the presidency, which i think we're going to do. and also obviously winning the senate.18 and as you know, in '18, we picked up seats in the senate but nobody ever gives us credit for that. we won the governorships of many states, including ohio and georgia and florida and we had, you know, just great. we were at 53-47. nobody talks about that. we had actually a very successful -- we really did.
10:54 pm
we had a very successful '18 election and don't forget the senate that approves the judges and approves nominees. it approves most importantly perhaps the judges. >> sean: mr. president, and this whole investigative process, you never invoke executive privilege. you handed over every document. you told your staff to cooperate.ha that's fairly unprecedented. everybody knows that you said it was a witch-hunt. pretty often, you said you were innocent, no collusion, the whole time. you talked about, oh, why don't we fire, you know, mueller aro rosenstein, however it happened to be. you had the authority under article two, according to alan dershowitz and others, but that's a separate issue. you never did those things. i guess my question is, when you said you will find all subpoenas, and you not cooperating, can you expand on what you meant and what that means? >> president trump: very
10:55 pm
simply, enough is enough. i could have fired everybody. but -- >> sean: under article two. >> president trump: under article two. >> i wanted to have transparency. i could have fired mueller. i you could have fired anybody i wanted to fire.ut article two. i fired nobody other than comey and it's interesting and that was early and people don't talk about that, but the very interesting thing about firing comey is that everybody wanted him fired. all the democrats. i mean, virtually everybody.oi the democrats thought he was horrible. the republicans thought he was horrible. and i said, you know, this is going to be wonderful. i'm going to fire this guy. when he gets fired i thought it was go going to be popular. i thought it was going to be a bipartisan firing. and he got fired, and the democrats sat back, and they said, the same people that two days earlier were saying how horrible he was, were saying it was a terrible thing. it is a terrible thing that they are not putting our country
10:56 pm
first. i have been the most transparent president in history. a i said let anybody speak. the white house counsel can go speak.. i heard -- i mean, this is incredible. i heard they interviewed 500 people. i didn't know we hadth that many people between the white house and other branches. i mean, who would think, theywe interviewed 500 people, if that is possible to be correct. they spent, as i told you, $35 million. they had unlimited human resources. they had the fbi working for them.. they had u.s. attorneys. they had the justiceth department working for them. and they found no collusion. but i was totally transparent. i didn't tell anybody, you can't go. i could have! i could have said, you are not going to testify. when i say it, they do what i say. i could have said that. what happened, sean, i wanted to be totally transparent. then we get no collusion, no obstructions. c then the house starts. were going to go, we are going
10:57 pm
to go further. i said, we've had a come of is enough. >> sean: mr. president, only for the constraints of time, i would love to ask you in detail about all these candidates. how about one wordne description on some of the top candidates for 2020 like, for example, if i say the word joe biden, one or two words? >> president trump: well, i think we are calling him sleepy joe. i have known him for a while is he a pretty sleepy guy. he won't be able to deal with president xi. i will tell you. that's a different level of energy and, frankly, intelligence. so i sort of refer to him as sleepy joe, a lot of people wanted me to take the word sleepy with something that rhymes with it. does that make sense to you? >> sean: [laughs] i get it. >> it was too nasty. >> president trump: is not going to be able to do the job. >> sean: what about bernie sanders? >> well, he has a lot of energy, but he has gotot misguided energy and he's done very poorly in terms of the senate. he has had very little legislation.
10:58 pm
i think he talks a lot. does he get it done? >> sean: robert francis o'rourke? >> president trump: well, it's a fluke. ted cruz did a good job. i helped him a lot in texas. we went down and had a couple of massive rallies. the people of texas are incredible. they figured it all out. he is fading very fast, he is fading very, very fast. it looks like he will be a thing of the past very soon. he was a hot item. shows you how dishonest the press was. i have went down to el paso, we did a tremendous rally at least 500 people. the press said they both had big rallies, one has close to 40,000 and one has 500. they were very much d comparing them. that's why people don't like the
10:59 pm
media. he's beating fast, there's no question about it. >> sean: we have less than a minute left. mayor pete, kamala harris. >> president trump: well, i don't see either of them. i think she has got a little bit of a nasty wit but that might be it and mayor pete is not going to make it. i would hope he would. i'm rooting for him but he is not going to make it. >> sean: all right. mr. president, you have been very generous, once again, with your time. i have think it's important, sometimes, i know when you do other interviews that people want to play gotcha, fight and they have their own agenda. every once in a while, i think it's important for the american people to hear you answer in your own words at length on some important issues. we do appreciate you coming on and giving so much time to this audience in particular. thank you. >> president trump: thank you very much. thank you, sean. >> sean: every one of the
11:00 pm
media, everyone wants to get their fight in. you know? when are they going to report on other stuff? i have been telling you, it's all coming. we will always be fair and balanced. we are not the media mob. let not your heart be troubled. ray arroyo is in for laura tonight. how are you, sir? >> how are you? i'm taking notes on the interview, sean. greatou job. >> sean: they have no idea. i don't reveal sources. you tell me who i'm talking to. >> ray: i'm like the clintons. don't ask and i don't tell. handed over as ido leave. >> sean: you'rer pushing me over the door? you want the slot? >> ray: not me. i'm just the fln. >> sean: have a great show. >> ray: i'm raymond arroyo sitting in for laura